Paid Per Click advertising - ppc

PPC or paid per click advertising refers to the reward the website owner receives when an ad that is hosted on their website is clicked. The click on the ad then directs traffic to another website with details of the advertiser’s product or services.

Auction or flat fee costing

PPC can be bid per click or flat fee based. Bid per clicks is when the advertiser will bid on keywords in an auction in competition with other advertisers. The auction is completely automated with amounts and other important ad purchasing information entered beforehand. Flat fee refers to a method whereby the advertiser will consider the value and agree to a flat amount cost of the click based on the ability to capitalize on the lead generations the ad produces.

What will it PPC advertising cost? PPC advertising cost varies based on the end goal. Typically, the ad owner will pay for the cost of developing the banner or text ad, plus the cost per keyword chosen to target the preferred client. makes every effort to provide a positive ROI on all the PPC advertising campaigns.

Bids for Target Market Keywords

For example, Google has a bidding method for keywords the advertiser may want to use. Keywords are researched for target market value; competing bids can drive the cost per keyword upwards or downwards depending on the popularity of the keyword. When the ad is “clicked” the advertiser is charged. Advertisers have control over the geographical areas the ads show. Spending limits are set to prevent run away cost. We always plan PPC advertising campaigns for success. Some of the criteria’s we apply to each campaign is as;

  • Your target markets
  • Monthly keywords volumes
  • Long tail keyword research
  • Bid cost per keyword per day
  • Best times to enable your ads. Day - week - time of day
  • Website landing page assessments
  • Competitive analysis

Where do my ads show?

targeted PPC advertising It’s all automated; When setting up a PPC campaign, advertisers are provided with online tools used to select the right geographical areas to show the ads, the times, dates, keyword selections and bidding. Many other tools are available to build a much customized online advertising campaign. Tracking the results is also an automated task. Learning what keywords are working is a very valuable task that will allow you to run a successful cost effective campaign.

We do all the work Corp provides a complete PPC campaign management solution. We will manage your Google AdWords account as well as and create and monitor the campaigns for the results you expect. You are always free to pause, restart or create a new PPC campaign at a moment’s notice.

Our services include the complete ad development, keyword research, ad content development and more. Charges for our services are flexible to any online marketing campaign.