link building for websites

Creating quality back-linking

Back linking can be thought of as pathways between web pages that search engines traverse to discover how websites relate to each other. In the world of SEO, back links are not the Holy Grail, but certainly will count as a vote towards or against webpage relevance.

Weeding of the web

Search engines use sophisticated algorithms to determine the link value. Based on the latest reports, search bots tend to use linking criteria to weed out spammy webpage’s, while identifying trust and authority webpage’s. A peek at the chart below will suggest well organized linking will give a webpage a good or bad relevance indicator that will have an effect on the placement of a webpage.

quality web linking. Popular postings and feedback Building quality links that provide juice juice for good search engine placement requires a bit of leg work. Our SEO professionals look for a number of factors when deciding to seek or provide a link. A few of the top level factors we pay attention to are popularity on a global and local level. If you sell water heaters, having a back link on a dog grooming website will not provide you the same recognition as having a link on a water heater manufacturing website. Another important medium is the amount of shares and comments related to your social media efforts. What are they saying about you? Are your articles and posting being shared? Or Liked?

Quality linking must always be fresh

The larger the linking - the more website maintenance required. Very few things are more frustrating than having links that go nowhere, or return 404 errors. Having a website full of broken links will hinder your SEO efforts. It’s also worth mentioning the importance of regularly inserting fresh links. Keeping the webpage fresh will provide good search engine scores. Check the links by frequently undergoing 404 checks. Be sure to repair any broken links.
A few other important link factors are;

  • Providing proper “anchor text” when linking.
  • Seek out websites with positive ranking for similar terms.
  • Run a competitive analysis for back linking. Where are your competing websites linking to and from?
  • Keyword usage within a page such as h1 h2 match up with title and meta tags
  • Domain name vs. keywords assessments
  • Number of links on a page
  • Bogging post and links within blogs, remove bad links
Strategies for link building Corp will review your current linking structure, weed out the bad links, repair any broken links and most of all, ad new fresh links. We use different linking strategies depending on the clients budgets and requirements.
A few examples of our linking services include;

  • Review and edit we content for ease of reading with properly placed links
  • 301 redirects if pages have changed to keep the link juice.
  • Review and edit bad links (if any) and repair
  • 404 repairs if links are broken
  • Search the local directories for linking opportunities
  • Assess any social linking opportunities
  • Seek and post to local blogs related to your services or products
You’ve heard that “Content is king” Linking good content is the next step. Researched, fresh content is always a good investment. Providing easy to read, informative articles will inspire people. Inspired people will link to your site in droves. - Ron Reichert