Keyword research is arguably the most important skill in the SEO process. Before a SEO campaign begins, our team at Corp provides careful well research keyword profile to match your target market.


Our team creates a strategic plan to match your target markets. No matter the size of your company or target market, developing a solid keyword gathering plan is the first step. We ask all the questions in this phase. We gather critical intelligence to understand your product and services as well as the geographical areas you serve. As soon as we have a complete plan, we then move on to the next step of keyword testing.

keyword for great SEO placement Keyword compilation and testing using our keyword research tools will assure we are targeting the markets that are best suited for your company. We are always monitoring the internet to spot trending search patterns. We test our list against your competition.

  • Keyword planning is the same for PPC or SEO.
  • Keyword research is constant monthly task.


Once we have a qualified list of specific keywords that match your business, we analyze the keywords for expected web traffic. We use analytics software to give us an overview of what to expect. Precautions are taken not to over optimize or “stuff” keywords into the website.


  • Brand terms for your company product or services
  • Competition terms
  • Product informational terms
  • Terms your targeted audiences are using to find you
  • Semantic Grouping of related terms
  • Seasonally related terms that match your services
Picking the right Keywords Saves You Money

Keywords are the backbone to any successful SEO SEM optimization program. Picking the right keywords is equally important in any on-line advertizing campaign. From PPC campaigns with Google Adwords, or Bing Ad network, picking the right keywords is a must.

Keyword Research is Easy, or is it...

Edmonton keywords, Calgary Keywords best SEO company More and more, consumers are ditching the yellow pages and turning to the internet for purchases. Online purchases have increased dramatically only over the last 5 years. Studies show that consumers are increasingly researching product or services online before making the trip to a retail outlet, or making a call for a service. According to Industry Canada, "Canadians purchased $15.3 billion in goods and services online in 2010, nearly double 2005 levels, but in store transactions still accounted for 95% of all non-automotive retail sales".

How are consumers shopping?

A recent study conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank reported that 81% of people research their purchases online before making a purchase in store.

Proper use of keywords within your website will facilitate search engines while crawling each web page to direct consumers to the web pages listing your product and services. Once a list of keywords has been researched and generated, writing the content for your website using the keywords you have chosen is the next logical step. Before doing so, we always run a test for anticipated keyword successes of the chosen keywords.

Is your website Keyword Friendly?

With studies showing an ever increasing trend towards using the Internet before making a purchase, proper keyword research will give your website a fighting chance to be part of the shopping cycle. Understanding what the online shopper is looking for in relation to your product and services is a must. For instance, say you sell water heaters, a natural choice for key words would include the term water heaters of course. However, search terms are becoming increasingly specific. A long tail for water heaters can look like this "40 imp natural gas johnwood in calgary". Using another example, users searching for "SEO companys" are also using "Long Tail" searching terms, so a long tail for "SEO companys" may look like this, “Affordable SEO company in Calgary and Edmonton”. Search queries such as this are known as “Long Tail”. Keyword research should include long tail inclusion to get the maximum advantage of your online budget.

It’s important to remember that getting high traffic to your website isn’t always the most important aspect of SEO. Getting the right kind of traffic that matches your geographic area as well as products and services certainly trumps a million unrelated hits.