online marketing for victoria and vancouver

Larger target markets require an internet marketing plan

Internet marketing includes an overall package of a well thought and researched marketing plan geared towards capturing online shoppers. Part of internet marketing includes search engine marketing (SEM). SEM is a concept whereby businesses are assessing and actively trying to get the attention of consumers who are shopping on line. Using numerous research and intelligence gathering tools, the marketers know that the consumer is somewhere in the buying cycle. SEM covers PPC as well as organic search listings, local directories etc.

Begin with an online marketing plan

A well thought-out internet marketing plan will provide a road map of tasks required. Budgets can be given for the many areas of the plan. PPC campaigns can be utilized along with generic search optimizations to provide good market penetrations.

internet marketing planning Team Corp Corp has a clear understanding of the many aspects to proper planning and execution of a successful online marketing plan. As a full service Internet marketing firm, we employ all the logic and research available with every plan, large or small. We will work with you to flush out the details and overall objective of your online marketing plan. As with any plan, we start with the "goal" you wish to achieve. Then we fill in the steps to achieve the goals.

What is the objective to your online marketing

You need to know what you hope to achieve (goal) in order to plan effectively. You want to keep the goal realistic, measurable with a timeline.

Ask yourself "What do I hope to accomplish?"

  • Do I want to promote a grand opening?
  • Do I want more website traffic??
  • Do I wish to promote a special offer?
  • Do I want to sell a number of products by a certain date?
  • Do I want to sign up so many new customers by a certain date?
  • Do I want to generate a certian number of qualified leads within a certain date?
  • Do I want to stir up activity with existing customers?

Build the steps towards the goal

strategy of goal building Once you have a clear visionof what you hope to accomplish, it’s time to determine the steps towards the successful conclusion. Team Corp has the tools to develop the steps, if its traffic you want, then we will focus our attention on traffic generating task, if its stronger existing customer relationships you desire, then we would focus our attention on social media.
It’s important to know where your customers are.

Goal planning steps short and sweet
  • Set up your goal
  • Set up the steps to achieve the goals
  • Set the budget that works for you.
  • Start the action plan!
Give us a call to build the plan that works for you

Serious marketers will take the time to plan before taking action. We want to help you with the entire process of internet marketing. Some marketing plans are very simple - just fill in the blanks and go. Heavy market hitters require a more involved plan to assess the target market complexities. Corp has a web presences in 11 major cities in Canada. Corp has a large data pool based on 5 years of locally derived marketing data. No matter the plan size, give us a call!

You need to know what you hope to achieve (goal) in order to plan effectively. You want to keep the goal realistic, measurable with a timeline