email list building

Targeted permission based email campaigns that work

Opt-in email marketing is still an acceptable way to provide your customers with notices about sales and events related to your product and services. Corp provides email marketing services that include newsletters, notices, consumer awareness programs. All email list can be targeted to a specific geographical area, as well as a specific product or serve. We build the database, we manage the sign ups, and we send the emails.

Full service email marketing firm

As a full service online marketing firm, naturally promotions using opt in email campaigns are a logical service to offer. Team internetWorld understands that a complete online marketing program requires the use of email.

email marketing programs Targeted opt-in email campaigns are an excellent way to compliment your online marketing efforts. Using the latest software, we can create a database organizing the needs and locations of all your consumers. Complete flexibility to target specific consumers prevents your email readers from opting-out of your emails. We recommend you only email your clients about specific request they opt-in to receive. We will create the HTML email, using pictures and content required to relay the message, we then track how many emails get opened, how many bounce, how many click through to your website page with more details about the offering or service awareness. Complete tracking and analytics of every email campaign will enable us to continuously improve the email, and the bottom line.

It’s all about the email

We cover all the bases from proper opt-in forms that are linked with clickable buttons in social media pages as well as your website. We design the email using consistent colors matching your brand. We organize the database to make selecting the right group of customers to send the email to. We then track the email and run a complete analytic of every metric we can dream up!

  • Create the sign-up form with checkable selections for the user to request information
  • Insert clickable links through-out your social media pages and website for opt-in sign-ups
  • Create HTML email with information you supply about service or product awareness
  • Send the email
  • Track and analyze the opens and other metrics
  • Clean up the database, make changes if needed
  • Drink coffee
Team loves to build successful email campaigns

Trust internetWorld will work hard to promote your business online. Give us a call and ask what we can do for you!

The sweetest sound to any member of team internetWorlds staff is the thank you our customers give us after a successful advertising campaign.